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Have a seat and enjoy a coffee made to your desire. With coffee beans ground fresh daily, treat yourself to homemade pastries and cakes .

Homemade Apple Pie

Come in and enjoy our home made apple pies. Just the right size for one person and ohhhh so tasty. Organic apples with gluten free options. Add some cream, or vanilla ice-cream and MMmmmm you are set. Bob’s your uncle.

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Ingredients : Organic apples, Organic flour (Wheat variety or gluten free depending on pie), dairy free butter, Organic sugar, Organic spices

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Categories : Apples, Cafe, Freshly made produce, Gluten free, Homemade apple pie, Organic, Sweets, Vegan

Organic Bakery Breads

Organic Sourdough Spelt bread and Organic wholemeal breads being made fresh Monday and Thursday mornings. Come and get some lovely preservative free bread!

Ingredients : Organic spelt flour, Organic wholemeal flour, Organic sourdough flour, Sugar, salt, yeast, water

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Categories : Breads, Cafe, Freshly made produce

Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate cake

Vegan and gluten free chocolate cake with avocado frosting. Yumbo!!! Made fresh in store. This may look rather sweet but it is not as we use tiny amounts of sugar for your palatable enjoyment.

Ingredients : Organic gluten free flour, diary free butter, Organic cacao, Organic avocado, Organic sugar #allseasonswholefoods#wellingtonroad#mountbarker#yummyfood

Categories : Avocado, Cafe, Freshly made produce, Gluten free, Nuts and Seeds, Organic, Sweets, Vegan, Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate cake

Pizza Pockets

Made to order and available in store, Pizza pockets, with tomato, olives and cheese in a lovely little package. Great to put in the kids lunches or your own! Heat up or eat it cold, it’s your choice. Great for parties and family events. Verrrry yummy!!!

Place an order and put in whatever ingredients you require. Gluten free and Vegan options available. Ring 8391 1175 to place an order!!

Ingredients : Organic flour, Organic tomatoes, Organic olives, Cheese, salt, sugar, yeast, water, other stuff you might want to put in it.

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Categories : Cafe, Organic, Pizza pockets, savories, Vegetarian

Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding

Chocolate self saucing pudding either with fresh cream or ice-cream. Have in store or take away.

Short on time? Place an order On the run by ringing 8391 1175 and it will be ready for you when you get there!

Ingredients : Organic Chocolate powder, Organic sugar, purified water, Organic flour, dairy free butter, cream, ice-cream


Categories : Cafe, Chocolate self saucing pudding, Freshly made produce, Organic, Sweets

Gluten Free Vegan Pasties

Gluten free and vegan pasties. Great to take home and heat up or eat in our cafe and have a lovely organic fresh slow pressed juice, organic sparkling softdrink, or even an organic coffee or tea. All can be either eat in or takeway.

To place a order On the run, please ring 8391 1175 and it will be ready on your way through!

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Categories : Cafe, Freshly made produce, Gluten free, Organic, Pasties, savories, Vegan

Roasted Zucchini Slice

Roasted zucchini slice with sundried tomato and Brie cheese and salad. Lovely for a lunch on a hot day or even on a cold day!. Baked fresh!!
To order yours for lunch On the run ring 8391 1175 and it will be rady for you on your way through. #allseasonswholefoods#wellingtonroad#mountbarker#yummyfood

Categories : Cafe, Freshly made produce, Roasted Zucchini Slice, savories

Roasted Vegetarian Pie

How about a quinoa and chickpea salad with one of our roast vegetable pies for a healthy fulfilling lunch. Vegan and gluten free pies also available. Enjoy with an Organic mango smoothie, Organic coffee or tea or a lovely Organic cold drink or slow pressed juice. #allseasonswholefoods #wellingtonroad #mountbarker #yummyfood


Categories : Beverages, Cafe, Chickpea salad, Cold drinks, Freshly made produce, Gluten free, Quinoa, Roast Vegie Pie, savories, Vegan, Vegetable Pies

Organic cold drinks

Hot? Have a lovely cool organic drink! In our fridge. Brrrrrrr #organic #cold #sparklingdrinks #yummy #allseasonswholefoods #wellingtonroad #mountbarker

Categories : Cafe, Cold drinks, Organic

Flavoured Frappes

Hot days? Or maybe you want something a bit creamy and yummy, organic and home made?  Come try one of our minty cacao, matcha, tumeric, spicy ginger, or cacao frappe’s. You love them, I’m sure. Don’t they look good?

#allseasonswholefoods #wellingtonroad #mountbarker #yummyfood

Categories : Beverages, Cafe, Cold drinks, Frappes, Freshly made produce, Sweets

Pancakes with cream

Pancakes? Did someone say pancakes? Ooohhh yes please!! Fluffy pancakes served with banana sorbe’t, cream and icecream. Sounds like a lovely combination doesn’t it? Come in store and give them a try Yum!!

Add an Organic Coffee and you’re set.

#allseasonswholefoods #wellingtonroad #mountbarker #yummyfood

Categories : Banana Sorbet, Bananas, Cafe, Freshly made produce, Sweets

Banana Sorbet

Banana sorbe’t with ice cream perfect for a warm day. Yum!

#allseasonswholefoods #wellingtonroad #mountbarker #yummyfood

Categories : Banana Sorbet, Cafe, Freshly made produce, Gluten free, Sweets

Roasted sweet potato wraps

Roasted sweet potato salad wraps. Refreshing lunch on a hot day. Lovely with an Organic slow pressed juice or Organic sparkling soft drink.

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Categories : Cafe, Roasted sweet potato salad wraps, savories

Mango and Banana Pavlova

Mango and banana Pavlova with ice cream. Lovely on a hot day, or for something a little different. Yum!

Ingredients: Mango, Banana, Pavlova, Ice cream, Cream

#allseasonswholefoods #wellingtonroad #mountbarker #yummyfood

Categories : Bananas, Cafe, Freshly made produce, Fruit, Mango, Pavlova, Sweets

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